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Penn State has been an important neighbor in the Pittsburgh area for decades. In addition to the many full-time faculty and staff members who work at Beaver, Fayette, Greater Allegheny, and New Kensington campuses, contributing to the learning environment and the local economy, a few examples of Penn State community connections are listed here.


More than 50,000 alumni live in Allegheny, Beaver, Fayette, Westmoreland Counties, with many more in the surrounding counties. The Pittsburgh area has many active local chapters and more than 18,000 Alumni Association members.

The association’s Pittsburgh chapter hosts events for Penn Staters and others throughout the year, at Penn State campuses and in the city. With more than 616,000 alumni living in the U.S. and throughout the world, Penn State gives many opportunities for career networking.

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Penn State Admissions-Pittsburgh

Whether students have questions about college application requirements or how to fill out a financial aid request, Penn State Admissions-Pittsburgh Outreach can provide assistance. Our job is to help students successfully navigate the transition from high school to college. We serve as your local Penn State resource, with information about all 20 Penn State undergraduate campuses as well as general college access information. In all our efforts, we support Penn State's goal of increasing the diversity of its student body.

As committed members of the Pittsburgh community, we strive to increase college access for all Pittsburgh students. Our activities include: admission counseling, financial aid workshops, SAT workshops, and hosting campus visits.

For more information: Email:
Phone: 412-263-2900

Liberty Center, Suite R14-A
1001 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Penn State Center Pittsburgh

Penn State established itself in downtown Pittsburgh for one purpose – to make the Greater Pittsburgh area a better place to live, grow, and succeed. The Penn State Center serves as a central point of contact for all who want to help strengthen the area's businesses, communities, leaders, families, individuals, and workforce through education and improvement projects.

Through partnerships and collaboration, we facilitate solutions-oriented research, learning, and application of that knowledge toward informed decision-making to solve critical issues in the metropolitan area for a sustainable future. The Penn State Center has helped initiate nearly 25 improvement projects, and we encourage you to get involved in strengthening communities and families, creating a bridge to success for Pittsburgh leaders, and supporting businesses and corporations.

For more information:
Phone: 412-263-1000

Penn State Center Pittsburgh
1435 Bedford Avenue
Energy Innovation Center, Suite A
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Penn State Extension

Penn State Extension is an educational network that gives people in Pennsylvania’s 67 counties access to the University’s resources and expertise. The Extension offers practical how-to education and problem-solving assistance based on University research and strives to help people make informed decisions to improve their lives, businesses, and communities.

Extension helps individuals, families, businesses, and communities throughout the Pittsburgh area and the state with information and a broad range of educational programs designed to: support productive, profitable, and competitive businesses and a strong agriculture and food system; strengthen families, children and youth, and the elderly; build caring, safe, and healthy communities; ensure the long-term vitality of Pennsylvania's natural resources; and enable people to better understand and deal with complex public issues.

Extension is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and state and county governments. Through this county-based partnership, Penn State Extension educators, faculty, and local volunteers work together to share unbiased, research-based information with local residents.

For more information:
Phone: 412-482-3465

Penn State Allegheny County Extension Office
1435 Bedford Avenue
Energy Innovation Center, Suite A
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Youth Programs

Beaver, Fayette, and New Kensington campuses offer programs for youth, teens, and college-bound students, primarily during the summer.

Programs at Beaver campus: Academic Enrichment Summer Camps, Winter and Spring Sports Camps, SAT preparation.

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Programs at Fayette campus: Kids in College, Sports Camps, and SAT preparation./p>

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Programs at New Kensington campus: Courses on Math, Engineering, Technology, and Science; Summer Youth Camps; STEM academy; and SAT preparation.

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Programs administered through Penn State Extension in the Pittsburgh area include: Allegheny County 4-H, parks and recreation programs, and nutrition programs.

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